How to Plan a Trip to Tangkahan – The Amazing Ecotourism in North Sumatera

Are you planning a vacation in near future? Need recommendation for an exotic holiday? Want to enjoy the quite nature and avoid the noise of city life? Maybe you should read this article through, because i’m going to share with you the information about ecotourism that you can include in your vacation plans. So here i’m going to recommend one of these ecotours in Indonesia, specifically North Sumatera, that’s Tangkahan. Here’s a complete breakdown of information that can be used as a guide to anyone who want to vacation to Tangkahan.

Tangkahan BridgePhoto by Farina Tjahaja

1. Tangkahan

Tangkahan is an ecotour located in Langkat, a district of North Sumatera. Tangkahan is known as an elephant habitat. The sense of this ecotourism still found in the shade of Mount Leuser National Park attracts every visitor on vacation there. The flora and fauna are though awake. The surrounding communities built tourist sites to help preserve the nature of Mount Leuser.

  • The Estimation of Kuala Namu to Tangkahan

Though it is deep in the forest, but getting there is not difficult. If your starting point is Kuala Namu International Airport, then you can take a bus (Damri) to Pinang Baris Bus Station to continue the destination to Tangkahan at a distance of 4-5 hours. Or if you don’t want to use public transportation, you can rent a car at the airport to go to Tangkahan directly. When you get to Tangkahan, you don’t have to doubt how to get there, because there are so many guides. You just pick the one that fits your budget.

  • The Lodging Fee in Tangkahan

I don’t think that one day is enough to explore Tangkahan. At least you have to spend 3 days and 2 nights in Tangkahan. For the inn, don’t worry. As a result, there are many concepts of inns from Rp. 100.000 a night. Choose one that fits your budget and comfort.

Tangkahan Inn, The Most Popular Inn in TangkahanPhoto by Farina Tjahaja

  • Tour Activities in Tangkahan

Tangkahan is known as an elephant breeding ground. No wonder that elephant activity has become a major tourist objective here. You can rinse elephants, feed or ride them. Of course, these activities will be accompanied by mahout or elephant handler. Riding on elephant, you will be led around in a tropical rain forest.

Kandang Gajah in TangkahanPhoto by Farina Tjahaja

In addition to spending time with elephants, there are many other interesting ecotourism areas you can explore in Tangkahan, like jungle trekking, rafting, enjoying the glory falls, soaking in the natural hot springs of Tangkahan, until you visit the unique Tangkahan bridge. It guaranteed your eyes will be indulged with a whole sight of Tangkahan.

Gajah TangkahanPhoto by Farina Tjahaja

The below is a list of activities in Tangkahan (include price), check this out!

Package price:
1. Trekking to ‘Kalong’ cave
Rp. 475.000 + lunch (Min. 3 people)
2. Trekking to ‘Buluh’ waterfall
Rp. 275.000 + lunch (Min. 3 people)
3. Trekking to ‘Kenangan’ waterfall
Rp. 235.000 + lunch (Min. 3 people)

Rafting package in Tangkahan
1. 235.000 individuals + lunch

Tour activity with elephant in Tangkahan
– Take photograph with an elephant is 25/individual
– Feed an elephant is 50/individual
– Rinse the elephants is 100/individual
– Ride an elephant in a forest is 500/individual

  • Things You Should Prepare Before You Visit to Tangkahan
  1. Plan a Trip
  2. Make Enough Budget
  3. Prepare Your Self Properly
  4. Bring Some Comfortable Outfit
  5. Bring Extra Equipments
  6. Keep Contact Number/Emergency Call
  • Plan a Trip – Write down the locations to visit, schedule a departure, lodgings, transportation to be used for the trip to Tangkahan, and anyone who participates in the journey. Everything must be carefully planned.
  • Make Enough Budget – After preparing a trip planner well, you will easily determine which funds will be used during the trip. For safety, prepare extra funds in case things out of the plan.
  • Prepare Your Self Properly – Tangkahan is a tour destination where you need to be physically good. Before making the trip, it is better if you get enough sleep, eat healthy food, drink water, and exercise so you do not tire easily.
  • Bring Some Comfortable Outfit – Better you pack some clothes for the journey, like shirts, pants, hat, jacket, and sneakers.
  • Bring Extra Equipments – For safety’s sake, it would be wise to bring in additional equipment such as a flashlight, a power bank for your phone and camera, a shower tools, slippers, a first-aid kit, and an additional plug if needed.
  • Keep Contact Number/Emergency Call – Save tour guide contact numbers, travel agency, innkeepers, and others for unexpected purposes.

There is some information that can be used as a guide for you want to vacation to Tangkahan. I hope this article can help you guys, so if you like this, you can share to your social media. In my another article, i will share you information about ‘How to Trip to Bukit Lawang and Mount Leuser National Park’. Thank you, see ya!

Let me tell you about a souvenir shop near ‘Kandang Gajah’, you can visit while you in Tangkahan.

All Content created by Farina Tjahaja

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